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Aeris and Oceanic Trade In - Recycle Program

Joe Diver's Recycle Program - Recycle Your Used Scuba and Diving Gear

Trade Up for New Gear

Trade-in and trade-up! Send your old gear to Joe and get new gear!

Trade in a single product or any combination regulator, octopus, BC and gauge and receive an Instant Cash Allowance of 20% off the manufacturers suggested retail price on brand-new Aeris or Oceanic products.

Please note: The Instant Cash Allowance applies to the retail price identified in red with a strike through the number not JoeDiverAmerica's already deeply discounted pricing labeled "Your Price".

Example: The Aeris Gyro Octo

  • Retail: $139.95
  • Your Price: $129.95
  • Your price with trade-in: $111.95 (20% off $139.95)

How it works:

  1. Select one of the qualifying products listed below
  2. Check the "Check to SAVE" box prior to placing the item in your shopping cart
  3. The 20% off retail price will appear in your cart at checkout
  4. When you receive your order, use the packaging provided to send us your trade
  5. Enjoy the savings on your new gear from!



AT400 Pro DVT
AT400 Sport DVT
Air Link Octo Inflator (Installed)
Gyro Octo


Delta 4 - DVT
GT 3 - DVT
Alpha 8/PX3 - DVT
Air XS2 Octo Inflator (Installed)
Octo Swiv w/Mag Keeper
SlimLine 2 Octo

Epic Watch Complete
Elite T3 Complete
ATMOS ai w/QD & Compass
XR2 Consoles
XR1Nx Consoles

ATOM 2.0 Complete
VT3 Complete
Pro Plus 2 Deluxe
Veo 250 Consoles
Veo 100 Nx Consoles


Probe LX
Islander 2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of gear can I trade in?
        You can trade in regulators, octos, BCs and gauges (including computers). Wetsuits are not accepted.
  • Does my trade in have to be an Aeris or Oceanic product?
        No, you can trade in any brand of regulator, octo, BC or gauge.
  • Does the product being upgraded have to be in working condition?
        The item you turn in can be in any condition working or not, within reason of course.
  • May I select a product that is not on the Qualifying Products Chart?
        The options and pricing are carefully researched, and we must adhere to the products listed on the chart above.
  • Can I trade in an old regulator for a new BC?
        No, you can trade in an old regulator for a new regulator, an old BC for a new BC, etc.
  • How do I send my trade in to you?
        Wait until you receive your order from us and use the box and packing materials to send your trade in to us. Joe recommends using the cheapest shipping method possible which is often First Class Mail. Do not pay to have the package insured or for traceability as Joe will absorb the cost of a lost or damaged package.

Trade In Your Gear for Credit

If you believe you have any Scuba or Snorkeling gear in working order that Joe can re-sell and someone else may enjoy, send it to Joe. If we determine it can be re-sold a Gift Certificate will be issued to you for the wholesale value of the gear. Joe guarantees a minimum of a $10 gift certificate even if the gear can't be re-sold!

If you don't agree with the wholesale value Joe assigns you may request to have the gear shipped back to you at YOUR expense.

Properly Recycle Your Gear

If you have a BC, Reg, Octo Gauge or Dive Computer that is not in working condition let Joe Recycle/Dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way. The green way. Joe will send you a $10 Gift Certificate to cover the cost of shipping once the gear has been received!

Please Contact Us if you have any additional questions or to arrange for the shipment of your gear.