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O'Neill Womens Skins Long Sleeve Crew

O'Neill Womens Skins Long Sleeve Crew

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    Manufacturer: O'Neill
    Product Code: 3529

    Category: Long Sleeve
    Sale Price:$37.95

    *Select Color & Size:

    Light Blue/White | 2XSmall
    Light Blue/White | XSmall
    Light Blue/White | Medium
    Light Blue/White | Large
    Light Blue/White | XLarge
    Blue/White | 2XSmall
    Blue/White | XSmall
    Blue/White | Small
    Blue/White | Medium
    Blue/White | Large
    Blue/White | XLarge
    Purple/Gray | 2XSmall
    Purple/Gray | XSmall
    Purple/Gray | Small
    Purple/Gray | Medium
    Purple/Gray | Large
    Purple/Gray | XLarge
    Teal | 2XSmall
    Teal | XSmall
    Teal | Small
    Teal | Medium
    Teal | Large
    Teal | XLarge
    Black/Purple | 2XSmall
    Black/Purple | XSmall
    Black/Purple | Medium
    Black/Purple | Large
    Black/Purple | XLarge

    A rashguard that doesn't look like a rashguard! -Joe

    O'Neill Womens Skins Long Sleeve Crew

    O'Neill Womens Skins Long Sleeve Crew Description:

    Minimalist designs that offers excellent UV and rash protection. The Skins Series features 6oz Nylon/Spandex with quick dry, four-way stretch properties and ergonomic seam placement.

    O'Neill Womens Skins Long Sleeve Crew Key Features:

    • 4-Way Flex Nylon/Spandex Composite
    • Crewneck
    • Engineered Fit
    • Flatloc Stitched
    • Lightweight Quick-Dry Material
    • Low Wind Drag Design
    • Odor Resistant Material
    • Pull-Over Entry
    • Ultra Violet protection

    O'Neill Womens Skins Long Sleeve Crew Style:

    • Long Sleeve / UV Protection

    O'Neill Womens Skins Long Sleeve Crew Materials:

    • Nylon
    • Spandex

    O'Neill Womens Skins Long Sleeve Crew Size Chart:

    Women Rash Guard Sizes
    0 or 2XSMALL75-955'2"-5'4"28.5"-30.5"21-2331-33
    2 or XSMALL85-1055'3"-5'5"29.5"-31.5"22-2432-34
    4 or SMALL95-1205'4"-5'6"30.5"-32.5"23-2533-35
    6 or SMALL105-1255'5"-5'7"31.5"-33.5"24-2634-36
    8 or MEDIUM110-1305'6"-5'8"32.5"-34.5"25-2735-37
    10 or MEDIUM120-1405'7"-5'9"34"-36"26.5-28.536.5-38.5
    12 or LARGE130-1505'8"-5'10"35.5"-37.5"28-3038-40
    14 or LARGE140-1605'9"-5'11"37"-39"29.5-31.539.5-41.5
    16 or XLARGE160-1805'11"-6'0"38.5"-40.5"31-3341-43

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