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Oceanic GT3 Scuba Diving Regulator - Dive Regulators

Oceanic GT3 Scuba Diving Regulator -  Dive Regulators

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    Manufacturer: Oceanic
    Product Code: 40-3410-07

    Category: Bal. Diaphragm 1st Stage
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    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Diving Regulator - Dive Regulators

    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Diving Regulator - Dive Regulators Description:

    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator

    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Description:

    Set it and forget it. The last thing you need to worry about on the dive is your breathing system. The Oceanic GT 3 regulator puts you in total control with its patented Dynamic Adjustment feature. Whether you’re snorkeling to your dive site or working a current on your favorite deep wreck, you can quickly adjust the Oceanic GT 3 regulator to behave precisely the way you want, then let it do the work as it automatically readjusts with changes in depth.

    • Diver adjustable inhalation effort
    • Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive
    • Paired with our popular CDX-5 Compact Over-Balanced Diaphragm First Stage with Enviro Kit

    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Details:

    Diver adjustable inhalation effort
    Most downstream demand valve regulators are calibrated during manufacturing to a single, ’middle of the road’ operation. Whether finning up current at 100+ feet or merely snorkeling out to the dive site, this factory adjustment may not be optimum for the wide variety of demands we place on our equipment. A simple twist of the GT 3’s adjustment knob enables complete control...set the inhalation requirement to near zero when you need ultimate performance, or tune it for greater resistanceas conditions or preferences change.

    Patented Dynamic Adjustment
    A common objection to adjustable second stages is that divers can’t imagine themselves twisting and turning a knob as they descend and ascend through the depths. If inhalation resistance is set near zero at depth, your ascent would require you to manually increase resistance as ambient water pressure is reduced to prevent free-flow. Taking another stride beyond common second stage engineering, Oceanic designed a patented DYNAMIC ADJUSTMENT feature into the heart of the GT 3. This mechanically balanced valve maintains a preferred breathing resistance throughout the dive. Set it once and the GT 3 automatically adjusts to make breathing as easy at 100 feet as it is at 30 feet - with no additional manual adjustment.

    Computer optimized design
    Oceanic regulators are exclusively designed using the latest 3-D computer modeling techniques. This allows us the ability to model and test performance while still in the early stages of development. The GT 3’s unique deflector vane and housing design diverts airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece, producing smooth venturi-assisted inhalation.

    The GT 3’s housing is made from an ABS/Polycarbonate composite blend of materials making the Delta 3 both extremely rugged and lightweight (5.8 ounces) and nearly neutrally buoyant underwater, reducing jaw fatigue on extended dives.

    Patented orthodontic mouthpiece
    To further reduce jaw fatigue, the GT 3 features a patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece, designed to accommodate the natural overbite of the human jaw.

    Nitrox Compatibility
    The GT 3 is classified as being suitable for use with nitrox breathing gas mixtures containing up to 40% oxygen by volume without the need for special preparation, cleaning or component parts.

    CDX-5 Compact Balanced Diaphragm First Stage
    The CDX-5 Balanced Diaphragm First Stage is the perfect regulator for extreme diving conditions, such as ice diving or diving in high sediment. The balanced diaphragm first stage design has been the regulator of choice for many divers who find themselves pushing the envelope. The advanced design of the CDX-5 isolates the critical seats and o-rings from the harsh environment. This helps prevent internal corrosion and contaminant buildup, leading to more consistent performance between service intervals.

    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Specifications:

    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Valve TypeDEMAND
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator AdjustmentKNOB
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Balancing System MECHANICAL
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Integrated Purge Button YES
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator MouthpieceORTHODONTIC
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Nitrox CompatibilitySTANDARD TO 40%
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Ambidextrous 
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Integrated Swivel  
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Weight (without hose) 5.8 OUNCES
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Dimensions (front profile) 2.67 INCHES
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator First Stage Configurations CDX-5
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Minimum Cracking Effort DIVER ADJUSTABLE
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Factory Set Inhalation Effort 0.0 - 2.5CIW*
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Work of Breathing.98 JOULES
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Warranty2 YEAR
    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Regulator Limited Lifetime Service AgreementYES
    30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee YES

    Oceanic CDX-5 Valve Type BALANCED DIAPHRAGM
    Oceanic CDX-5 Primary Material MARINE BRASS
    Oceanic CDX-5 Low Pressure Ports 4
    Oceanic CDX-5 High Pressure Ports 2
    Oceanic CDX-5 Integrated Swivel  
    Oceanic CDX-5 Nitrox Compatibility STANDARD TO 40%
    Oceanic CDX-5 300 BAR DIN Fitting OPTIONAL
    Oceanic CDX-5 Sealed Valve Design YES
    Oceanic CDX-5 Environmental Protection YES
    Oceanic CDX-5Weight 29 OUNCES
    Oceanic CDX-5 Factory Set Intermediate Pressure 138-142 PSI
    Oceanic CDX-5 Pressure Drop 20.1 PSI
    Oceanic CDX-5 Warranty 2 YEAR
    Oceanic CDX-5 Limited Lifetime Service Agreement YES
    Oceanic CDX-5 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee YES

    Oceanic GT3 Scuba Diving Regulator - Dive Regulators Specifications:

    • Weight: 3.25 lbs.

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