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Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator

Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator

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    Manufacturer: Oceanic
    Product Code: 40-7480-23

    Category: Bal. Diaphragm 1st Stage
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    2005 ScubaLab Tester's Choice
    "Hooked up to the breathing simulator, the Delta 4 delivered Very Good to Excellent performance in all the RMV/depth categories, earning the highest simulator scores of all the regs in this price group (under $500). In ocean tests, the reg was also a champion, collecting the highest total ergo score in its price group. In particular, divers liked the swivel and the mouthpiece, and felt both the adjustment knob and dive/pre-dive switch were easy to use, even when wearing gloves."Read the complete article -Joe

    Did you know that it costs energy to breathe♠ The amount of energy your regulator requires to move each liter of air is called work of breathing (WOB). Lower work of breathing equals lower effort required to breathe and increased comfort and safety during a dive.

    Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator

    Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator Description:

    Even with the best laid dive plans, there are times you encounter conditions beyond your control. The Delta 4 is one hot new regulator ready to take on all challengers with improved performance, new features, improved styling, and the new FDX-10 First Stage featuring DVT (Dry Valve Technology).

    Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator Key Features:

    • Diver adjustable inhalation effort
    • Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive
    • Adjustable Venturi Switch (A.V.S.) for simple Dive/Pre-Dive Adjustment
    • Paired with the FDX-10 Over-Balanced Diaphragm First Stage featuring Oceanic's DVT (Dry Valve Technology)
    • FEATURES & FUNCTIONSFDX-10Valve TypeBALANCED DIAPHRAGMPrimary MaterialFORGED MARINE BRASSLow Pressure Ports4High Pressure Ports2Dry Valve Technology (DVT)YESIntegrated Swivel Nitrox CompatibilitySTANDARD TO 40%300 BAR DIN FittingOPTIONALSealed Valve DesignYESEnvironmental ProtectionYESWeight28 OUNCESFactory Set Intermediate Pressure138-142 PSIPressure Drop9 PSIWarranty2 YEARLimited Lifetime Service AgreementYES30-Day Satisfaction GuaranteeYES*Column Inches of Water

    Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator Features:

    Diver adjustable inhalation effort

    Most downstream demand valve regulators are calibrated during manufacturing to a single, 'middle of the road' operation. Whether finning up current at 100+ feet or merely snorkeling out to the dive site, this factory adjustment may not be optimum for the wide variety of demands we place on our equipment. A simple twist of the Delta 4's adjustment knob enables complete control…set the inhalation requirement to near zero when you need ultimate performance, or tune it for greater resistanceas conditions or preferences change.

    DVT (Dry Regulator Technology)

    Ever wonder why they call it a "dust cap" and not a water cap♠ DVT eliminates the possibility of moisture entering the first stage with a simple, yet ingenious design. No hassle, no worries. What about performance♠ DVT doesn't impact first stage performance even at 198 feet with just 200 psi in your tank.

    The result♠ An end to flooded regulators! Oceanic's exclusive DVT is designed to automatically eliminate moisture intrusion and contaminants from entering your breathing system.

    Amazing. Simple. Patented. And by the way, only available on Oceanic Regulators.

    Patented Dynamic Adjustment

    A common objection to adjustable second stages is that divers can't imagine themselves twisting and turning a knob as they descend and ascend through the depths. If inhalation resistance is set near zero at depth, your ascent would require you to manually increase resistance as ambient water pressure is reduced to prevent free-flow. Taking another stride beyond common second stage engineering, Oceanic designed a patented DYNAMIC ADJUSTMENT feature into the heart of the Delta 4. This mechanically balanced valve maintains a preferred breathing resistance throughout the dive. Set it once and the Delta 4 automatically adjusts to make breathing as easy at 100 feet as it is at 30 feet - with no additional manual adjustment.

    Adjustable Venturi System (A.V.S.)

    The A.V.S. deflector vane found in the Delta 4 diverts the airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece, producing smooth venturi-assisted inhalation. With the addition of a user Adjustable Venturi System (A.V.S.), in the form of a simple yet ingenious switch, full adjustment control rests in the hands of the diver.

    Improved Adjustment Mechanisms

    Both the Dynamic Adjustment Knob and A.V.S. Switch are designed to be unobtrusive, yet easily manipulated even with the thickest gloves.

    Surge Deflector

    Our surge protector (the titanium, blue or yellow that you see in the images above) reduces freeflow caused by surge or oncoming current.

    Computer optimized design

    Oceanic regulators are exclusively designed using the latest 3-D computer modeling techniques. This allows us the ability to model and test performance while still in the early stages of development. The Delta 4's unique deflector vane and housing design diverts airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece, producing smooth venturi-assisted inhalation.


    The Delta 4's housing is made from an ABS/Polycarbonate composite blend of materials making the Delta 4 both extremely rugged and lightweight (6.7 ounces) and nearly neutrally buoyant underwater, reducing jaw fatigue on extended dives. The extremely ligweight cover ring is machined from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum, and then hard anodized, utilizing a unique process to prevent corrosion.

    Patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece

    To further reduce jaw fatigue, the Delta 4 features a patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece, designed to accommodate the natural overbite of the human jaw.

    Nitrox Compatibility

    The Delta 4 is classified as being suitable for use with nitrox breathing gas mixtures containing up to 40% oxygen by volume without the need for special preparation, cleaning or component parts.

    FDX-10 Balanced Diaphragm First Stage

    Forged from marine-grade brass, the FDX-10 features optimized air paths and angled hose ports for superior performance and comfort. A sealed Balanced Diaphragm design, Enviro Kit and patented DRT TM (Dry Regulator Technology) isolate all internal components from the environment. 2 high pressure and 4 low pressure ports allow convenient and comfortable hose routing.

    Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator Sizes:

    • 34.8 Ounces

    Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator Color(s):

    • Black

    Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator Specifications:

    • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
      Valve TypeDEMAND
      AdjustmentKNOB/PRE-DIVE SWITCH
      Balancing SystemMECHANICAL
      Integrated Purge ButtonYES
      Nitrox CompatibilitySTANDARD TO 40%
      Integrated SwivelNO
      Weight (without hose)6.8 OUNCES
      Dimensions (front profile)2.67 INCHES
      First Stage ConfigurationsFDX-10
      Minimum Cracking EffortDIVER ADJUSTABLE
      Factory Set Inhalation Effort0.0 - 2.5 CIW*
      Work of Breathing.87 JOULES
      Warranty2 YEAR
      Limited Lifetime Service AgreementYES
      30-Day Satisfaction GuaranteeYES

    Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator Style:

    • Balanced Diaphragm / Enviromental Kit / DVT Technology

    Oceanic Delta 4 DVT Scuba Regulator Materials:

    • Marine Brass

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