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Mares Excel Plus Scuba Fins

Mares Excel Plus Scuba Fins

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    In the great Mares tradition, the evolution continues. -Joe

    Mares Excel Plus Scuba Fins

    Mares Excel Plus Scuba Fins Description:

    Heir to the Quattro Excel, the Excel Plus rediscovers the roots of its noble ancestor, the Avanti Quattro. Thus, a new fin is born and thanks to its fully redesigned foot pocket it offers both propulsive force and unbeatable comfort. The back of the foot pocket is made of soft rubber, further increasing comfort and performance.

    Mares Excel Plus Scuba Fins Key Features:

    • New foot pocket. More comfort, same great performance
    • Elastic OPB. Maximum efficiency, minimum effort
    • Tri-material technology and ABS Plus buckles
    • Materials: Tri-material contruction
    • Thrust Area: 800cm²; 124 in²
    • Buckles: ABS PLUS BUCKLES

    Mares Excel Plus Scuba Fins Dimensions:

    • Length: cm40/15.7in

    Mares Excel Plus Scuba Fins Style:

    • Open Heel / Scuba

    Mares Excel Plus Scuba Fins Materials:

    • Tri-Material

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