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Mares X-VU Mask

Mares X-VU Mask

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    Manufacturer: Mares
    Model: X-VU
    Product Code: 411036

    Category: Mares Masks
    Sale Price:$60.00

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    Mares X-VU Mask

    Mares X-VU Mask Description:

    The X-VU 2-Lens Mask uses Tri-Comfort Technology. Tri-Comfort Technology is accomplished with small horizontal ribs between the frame and the skirt in the area around the nose. These Ribs Absorb and Redistribute the Pressure Exerted by the Frame onto the Mask Skirt, with a resulting Increase in Comfort. Beyond the Natural Comfort provided by Tri-Comfort Technology, this Masks Reverse Tear-Drop Tempered Safety Glass Lens Design provides a Superior Field of Vision.

    This Low Volume Mask has a Double Feathered Edge Silicone Rubber Skirt that teams up with the Unique X-Shape Silicone Rubber Strap. Both of these features improve the overall Fit of the Mask. The X-VU has an Easy to Reach Nose Pocket that allows One-Handed Ear Equalization even when wearing gloves The X-VU Mask is available in 3 color choices of Blue, Black or Yellow, comes with a Mask Box and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

    Mares X-VU Mask Key Features:

    • Mares X-VU Mask
    • 2 Window Reverse Tear-Drop Design
    • Exceptional Field of Vision
    • High Tech Buckles
    • Newly Designed X-Shaped Split Style Mask Strap
    • Double Feathered Edge Silicone Rubber Skirt
    • Superior Comfort and Fit
    • Tri-Comfort Technology: Ribs Absorb & Redistribute Pressure Exerted by Frame
    • Tri-Comfort Technology: Increased Comfort and Fit
    • Low Volume Mask Design
    • Easy to Reach Nose Pocket
    • Nose Pocket Allows One-Handed Ear Equalization with Gloves
    • Tempered Safety Glass Lenses
    • Mask Box

    Mares X-VU Mask Style:

    • Twin Teardrop Lenses / Low Volume

    Mares X-VU Mask Materials:

    • Silicone

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