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Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch Speargun

Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch  Speargun

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    Manufacturer: Mares
    Product Code: 413100-097US

    Category: Pneumatic Spearguns
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    Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch Speargun

    Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch Speargun Description:

    The pneumatic speargun propels the shaft at great speeds and with remarkable penetrating power, superior to powerband spearguns. These characteristics are crucial in the longer lengths used when stalking large oceanic fish, where a slim, compact weapon with a slender "nose" is quick and intuitive to aim. The ergonomic handle with flexible inserts offers an excellent grip that is easy to see from above, thanks to its highly visible color. In the shorter sizes, Cyrano offers maximum manageability and speed for hole fishing. All Cyrano spearguns are provided standard with an ample carrying bag.

    The Cyrano 1100 and 970 models are equipped standard with a 70mm double-tip Tahitian shaft, other lengths are provided with a standard shaft with a threaded head.

    Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch Speargun Features:

    Special innovative technical solutions give these spearguns accuracy that far exceeds all other products on the market. Ongoing comparison tests and the leading Mares technologies available helped achieve this result, along with valuable contributions from our technicians and top athletes.

    This Mares patent has revolutionized the way the world sees underwater pneumatic spearguns.

    The decision to use the internal barrel, where the piston slides, with a reduced 11-mm diameter, makes the weapon very easy to load, propels the shaft at high speeds, and provides superior power and accuracy.

    Painstaking and innovative design is one of the strong points of most Mares spearfishing equipment. The designs are always developed and executed with a parallel vision between technical research, functionality, design and reliability. This corporate strategy has helped make Mares a leader in the sector.

    Those who freedive often, even in tough conditions, need superior-quality products that provide consistent performance over time. Mares has always focused on new technologies and innovative products that can offer concrete benefits: its superior reliability and performance are widely appreciated by the most expert and demanding freedivers and spearfishermen.

    Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch Speargun Sizes:

    • 39 Inch

    Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch Speargun Color(s):

    • Black

    Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch Speargun Specifications:

    • Weight: 5.95 lbs.

    Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch Speargun Style:

    • Pneumatic

    Mares Cyrano 970 39 inch Speargun Materials:

    • Nylon Reinforced Composite

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