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Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator

Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator

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    Manufacturer: Mares
    Model: Prime
    Product Code: 417353

    Category: Jacket Style BCD
    MSRP Price: $370.00
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    Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator

    Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator Description:

    Aircell made in Cordura 420 and rigid backpack with handle. Prime is ideal for people who want to get started with their diving adventure.

    The two openings on the pockets provided for positioning of the octopus and pressure gauge make the dive even more comfortable.

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    Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator Key Features:

    • Stowage for octopus and pressure gauge
    • Weight Integrated
    • Roomy zippered pockets
    • Classic bladder
    • Ergo inflator
    • Excellent buoyancy lift

    Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator LiftCapacity:

    • XS 140N(14,2kg / 30.8lb)
    • S 160N(16,3kg / 35.9lb)
    • M 150N(15,3kg / 33.7lb)
    • L 200N(20,5kg / 45.1lb)
    • XL 235N(24kg / 52.9lb)

    Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator Specifications:

    • Weight: 6.8 lbs.

    Mares Prime MRS Buoyancy Compensator Materials:

    • Cordura 420

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