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Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun

Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun

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    Manufacturer: Mares
    Product Code: 423400-095

    Category: Band Spearguns
    MSRP Price: $310.00
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    Product Code: 423400-095
    Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun

    Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun Description:

    Single-piece speargun with an interchangeable muzzle, made of reinforced nylon. The material used absorbs vibrations, thus making the gun silent both when shooting and if it comes in contact with the surrounding environment. The cuttlebone barrel and integrated shaft guide offer better accuracy. A specific design for every barrel length ensures perfect buoyancy, optimum stability and easy aim. Sold standard with two different interchangeable muzzles for circular powerbands and supporting fork for double powerbands. The muzzles feature broad grooves to make it easier to place the line, and they can be personalized with special buoyancy regulators. No risk that water tightness will be compromised.

    The highly-sensitive stainless steel release mechanism is also suitable for use with strong double powerbands. The mechanical line-releaser can be used on the left or right. The handle and chest pad are both made of soft touch anti-slip material. The accessory reel, attached at an angle, increases hydrodynamics, preventing and risk of snagging along the bottom. Tempered stainless steel shaft, single-tip, 6.5mm diameter. Advanced performance dual-component 19mm powerband.

    Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun Features:

    Superior Accuracy

    Special innovative technical solutions give these spearguns accuracy that far exceeds all other products on the market. Ongoing comparison tests and the leading Mares technologies available helped achieve this result, along with valuable contributions from our technicians and top athletes.

    New G.I.T. Technology

    A special molding technology injects gas into the mold, helping to distribute and sculpt the material with which the speargun is made. This process makes it possible to manufacture products with innovative mechanical characteristics.

    Excellent Price/Quality Ratio

    These are highly-reliable spearguns, thanks to their simple but sturdy manufacture and design, which helps achieve and excellent price/quality ratio. Mares technicians work constantly to develop products for every usage level, from beginner to professional.

    Innovative Design

    Painstaking and innovative design is one of the strong points of most Mares spearfishing equipment. The designs are always developed and executed with a parallel vision between technical research, functionality, design and reliability. This corporate strategy has helped make Mares a leader in the sector.

    For Demanding Freedivers

    Those who freedive often, even in tough conditions, need superior-quality products that provide consistent performance over time. Mares has always focused on new technologies and innovative products that can offer concrete benefits: its superior reliability and performance are widely appreciated by the most expert and demanding freedivers and spearfishermen.

    Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun Sizes:

    • 95cm

    Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun Color(s):

    • Black

    Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun Specifications:

    • Weight: 3.1 lbs.

    Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun Style:

    • Band

    Mares Phantom Carbon 95cm Speargun Materials:

    • Nylon Reinforced Composite

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