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Medium Dive Travel Gift Pack

Medium Dive Travel Gift Pack

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    Manufacturer: McNett
    Product Code: 87094

    Category: TSA Bag Locks
    MSRP Price: $46.95
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    Medium Dive Travel Gift Pack

    Medium Dive Travel Gift Pack Description:

    Medium Dive Travel Gift Pack
    Purchased separately these items would cost over $46!

    Medium Dive Travel Gift Pack Includes:

    Medium Dive Travel Gift Pack Details:

    McNett TSA Lock

    No more cut locks! The Travel Security Administration (TSA) has recognized these special locks for use on all airline luggage. Unlike old locks that would be cut off and discarded, these can be opened and then re-locked by TSA Officers. The secret♠ These combination locks can be opened with a special secured access device carried only by TSA Officers. [more details]

    Neck Nack™ MD Travel Pillow

    The ultra-soft Neck Nack™ MD Travel Pillow is ergonomically designed to provide greater lateral head support than older pillow models.

    McNett Stow Away Backpack

    The perfect bag to use as your main carry-on or as an extra bag for day use when you arrive at your destination. Ideal for carrying items on the boat, to the beach or into town for shopping. Tucks into its own front pocket to "stow-away" until you need it. Made of durable rip-stop nylon. [more details]

    Sea Gold™ Anti-Fog Gel

    Rated BEST Anti-Fog by Rodale's SCUBA DIVING Magazine! The clear choice in anti-fog gels. Our unique clear formula means long lasting anti-fog protection. Sea Gold is highly concentrated and designed for quick, simple, in-field application. Sea Gold is safe for all glass and plastic lenses and will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames. Not recommended for swim goggles. [more details]

    Medium Cubit™ Packing Cube

    Cubit™ Packing Cube Organizers make packing for travel a snap! Organize your clothing by type, day or event, then slip Cubits into any type of luggage. See-through mesh fabric helps you get through security checkpoints quickly.

    Medium Dive Travel Gift Pack Specifications:

    • Weight: 0.8 lbs.

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