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JBL Gun Bag

JBL Gun Bag

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    Manufacturer: JBL
    Model: Gun Bag
    Product Code: D4306

    Category: Speargun Accessories
    MSRP Price: $128.00
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    JBL Gun Bag

    JBL Gun Bag Description:

    Traveling with spearguns just became a lot easier.The same Oakley design team that developed our other dive luggage created this marvel and it shows. An internal slot allows for 1” PVC tube to fit securely to hold your shafts and act as an extra level of defense against the airport monkeys. Expandable end pocket allows for an additional 12” of length, and the waterproof interior prevents molding. Double gun sleeves each with tie down straps keep guns snug and our oversized carrying strap distributes weight evenly allowing easy movement in small spaces, critical at airports. Bag measures 60x12x9".

    JBL Gun Bag Key Features:

    • Expandable 12 in. End Pocket
    • Double Gun Sleeves
    • Tie Down Straps
    • Oversized Carrying Strap
    • 1 in. PVC tube for Speargun Shafts
    • Designed by Oakley

    JBL Gun Bag Colors:

    • Blue and Grey
    • Black Nylon Straps

    JBL Gun Bag Specifications:

    • Weight: 4.65 lbs.
    • Height: 9 in.
    • Length: 60 in.
    • Width: 12 in.

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