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Scuba Alert Sub-Duck Underwater Signaling Devices

Scuba Alert Sub-Duck Underwater Signaling Devices

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    SD1 - STD Power Inflator
    SD2 - SeaQuest AirSource/US Divers Micra/Zeagle OctoPlus
    SD3 - ScubaPro Air-2/Tusa Duo-Air/Atomic SS1

    Gone are the days of reaching for your knife to tap your tank, then fumbling with a slate to communicate your message. -Joe

    Scuba Alert Sub-Duck Underwater Signaling Devices

    Scuba Alert Sub-Duck Underwater Signaling Devices Description:

    The Scub-Alert is very compact in size. Only the best quality components are used in manufacturing of the AQUATEC™ Scub-Alert. The loud resonating frequency generated by this horn can be heard on the surface approximately 0.5 miles away. The Scub-Alert is not only starting to be a major requirement for many live-aboards and dive operations; it is also an essential piece of gear that will add to the enjoyment of the dive to any buddy team that need to get each other's attention underwater. The Scub-Alert is an underwater horn that allows you to signal your dive buddy effortlessly by the press of a button. This horn generates a loud "quacking" sound by using tiny pulses of air to rapidly vibrating a steel disk.

    You and your buddy can even set up simple codes for additional communications thoughout your dives. A powerful low pitched buzz does all the work for you.

    Please note: Horn is very loud above water. Keep away from ears at all times.

    Scuba Alert Sub-Duck Underwater Signaling Devices Key Features:

    • Style 1Fits standard power inflator
    • Style 2Fits SeaQuest AirSource, U.S. Divers Micra, and the Zeagle OctoPlus
    • Style 3Fits ScubaPro Air-2, Tusa Duo-Air, and Atomic SS1
    • Requires just a tiny bit of air to activate the horn
    • Horn works both Underwater and On the Surface
    • Apprx surface range of 0.25 - 0.50 miles
    • Volume: 115-125 dB (approx)
    • Is not compatible with Oceanic XS inflator/octo

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