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Cressi-Sub Delta 2 Semi-Dry Purge Snorkel

Cressi-Sub Delta 2 Semi-Dry Purge Snorkel

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    Manufacturer: Cressi
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    Cressi-Sub Delta 2 Semi-Dry Purge Snorkel

    Cressi-Sub Delta 2 Semi-Dry Purge Snorkel Additional Pictures:

    Cressi-Sub Delta 2 Semi-Dry Purge Snorkel Description:

    New reversible Cressi-Sub Delta 2 snorkel (it can be used on the right and left side), designed for snorkeling, free-diving and scuba diving.

    The Delta 2 Semi-Dry snorkel incorporates all the features of the Delta 1, but utilizes a pre-bent lower silicone section making it ideal for snorkeling.

    The purge snorkel bore is made from variable section flexible material to assist swimming, and the top part is slightly bent to follow the profile of the diver's head. The shape of the coloured splash-top has been designed to prevent water from splashing in.

    The purge system has an elliptical valve and is contained in a special water collection well.

    The mouthpiece is identical to the ones mounted on Cressi regulators and can be swapped as the need may be.

    Purge system and bore are connected by a corrugated section on the outer side only (smooth inner); this is curved so that the mouthpiece arrives at the diver's mouth with a gentle, natural bend.

    The mask attachment is the rapid, height adjustable clip-on.

    Cressi-Sub Delta 2 Semi-Dry Purge Snorkel Key Features:

    • Soft flexible non-corrugated tube is used eliminate water gathering in the tube
    • A wave guard is utilized, minimizing water entry during surface use
    • A large exhaust insures easy water clearing
    • Available in blue, clear, red and yellow

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