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IST Taliaria Split Scuba Fins - Swim Fins

IST Taliaria Split Scuba Fins - Swim Fins

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    Manufacturer: IST Sports
    Product Code: F2

    Category: Open Heel Fins
    MSRP Price: $150.00
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    Sale Price:$99.95

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    Medium [7.5-10]
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    IST Taliaria Split Scuba Fins - Swim Fins

    IST Taliaria Split Scuba Fins - Swim Fins Description:

    This is it! You've read about it. Don't you think it's time you dived it♠

    Now At JoeDiver, The Nature's Wing Fin by IST:

    Speed, comfort, and maneuverability; you can have it all. Extensive field testing has shown that each participant was able to reach and sustain higher speeds when using a Natures Wing than they could achieve with conventional paddle type fins.

    Divers state that when swimming with underwater speedometers or on timed runs along a measured underwater course in full scuba gear, the fins are so efficient that they can swim easily at a relaxed pace without any fatigue or strain.

    The technology used on the Natures Wing fin significantly reduces the stress and exertion of diving. You will generate maximum propulsion with only a small flutter or ankle kick. This reduces the overall range of muscle movement therefore reducing air consumption. Reduced breathing rates increase relaxation and ease while diving.

    Improved cruise speeds combined with reduced effort and decreased air consumption greatly increase the distances that can be covered in a dive.

    Every level of diver, from the student to the most advanced technical diver, will benefit from using this fin.

    Get fin efficiency at an awesome price from JoeDiver!

    Color- Charcoal Black.

    Nature's Wing and Propeller Fin are trademarks of Nature's Wing Fin Design, LLC, Laguna Niguel, California, USA

    IST Taliaria Split Scuba Fins - Swim Fins Key Features:

    • Breakthrough propeller-fin ™ technology
    • More power, less effort!
    • New easier quick release buckle system!
    • Improved performance and comfort!
    • Increased maximum speed!
    • Extended bottom time!
    • Reduced fatigue!
    • Super responsive fin!

    IST Taliaria Split Scuba Fins - Swim Fins Sizes:

    Medium - Xlarge

    IST Taliaria Split Scuba Fins - Swim Fins Style:

    • Open Heel / Scuba / Natures Wing

    IST Taliaria Split Scuba Fins - Swim Fins Materials:

    • Rubber

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