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Underwater Signal Horn

Underwater Signal Horn

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    Manufacturer: IST Sports
    Product Code: HN1-GN

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    Underwater Signal Horn

    Underwater Signal Horn Description:

    Underwater Signal Horn

    This underwater signaling horn is powered by the lowpressure air from the oral inflator on your buoyancycompensator.

    Your dive will be more pleasureful when you can signal otherbuddies at the press of a button - No more banging onthe tank (which does not tell others where the sound iscoming from!) By listening and turning your head to the directionof the horn, a diver can relocate the buddy's position.


  • Homing - Relocate your buddy
  • Rugged Construction
  • Safety - Let other divers know your problem - NOW!
  • Easy Installation between the low pressure inflatorhose and BCD controller


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