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Tusa IQ-900 Zen Wrist Computer

Tusa IQ-900 Zen Wrist Computer

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    Tusa IQ-900 Zen Wrist Computer

    Tusa IQ-900 Zen Wrist Computer Description:

    The IQ-900 Zen is a full-featured wrist-top computer that boasts a refined, stylish design and can be worn at the office, on the town or more importantly in the ocean. Anytime, anywhere the Zen is your go to timepiece and dive instrument.

    The IQ-900 can be operated as a watch, Air computer, Nitrox (EANx) computer, digital depth gauge/timer or as a free dive depth gauge/timer. The Zen's large alphanumeric and backlit display allows for high legibility in or out of the water, although its size is that of a normal style watch. In addition to offering the latest comprehensive computer features, the Zen adds a Deep Stop function for enhanced safety.

    Several TUSA computers feature an optional deep stop function for additional safety. The deep stop mode is activated when a dive exceeds 80 FT (24M) for more than 1 second. Upon ascent, the computer will display a Deep Safety Stop screen and the recommended stop depth for a period of 2 minutes. This deep stop is highly recommended as additional opportunity to off-gas, but is not mandatory. If the diver chooses not to serve the stop it will not adversely affect the remaining No-Decompression Limits of the dive.

    Tusa IQ-900 Zen Wrist Computer Key Features:

    • Advanced 2 gas wrist-top (watch) computer
    • Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free Dive and Watch Operating Modes
    • 2 Mix Switching Feature: Mix 1 (Air, 21-50%), Mix 2 (Air, 21-100%)
    • Manual or Water-Activation
    • Audible and Flashing Icon Alarms
    • Large alphanumeric and backlit display
    • Advanced user safety settings
    • Deep Stop Feature and Safety Stop
    • 1 Touch Log Access
    • Automatic altitude adjustment from sea level to 14,000'
    • No fly icon, residual nitrogen discharge time display
    • PC download and upload settings/log data with TUSA Datalog Interface
    • User-replaceable battery with hot-swap (Battery: CR2430, 3V)
    • TUSA Algorithm based on Buhlmann ZHL-16c
    • Variable Ascent Rate Indicator
    • Colors: Titanium Grey/Black, Black

    Tusa IQ-900 Zen Wrist Computer Style:

    • Wrist / Nitrox

    Tusa IQ-900 Zen Wrist Computer Materials:

    • Rubber

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