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Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer

Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer

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    Manufacturer: Cressi
    Product Code: KS764110

    Category: Metric Dive Computers
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    If you like the Archimede you’re going to love the Archimede 2. Improvements include managing two different Nitrox mixes and viewing your most important stats with the GAUGE function. The Archimede 2 also looks and feels great! -Joe

    Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer

    Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer Description:

    The latest version of the Archimede computer, aesthetically redesigned and complete with new and sophisticated software that during the dive can manage two different Nitrox mixes, which can be selected at any time of the actual dive.The already excellent features of Archimede have been considerably improved both for scuba divers and for free divers who have the new GAUGE function as an indispensable instrument that can monitor all their dives in detail.

    Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer Features:

    New Cressi computer that makes the most of all the experience it built up with the Archimede model to offer a futuristic instrument that has extremely cutting edge features, which make it the perfect instrument for divers who want to keep up with the developments of the most advanced underwater diving.

    The aesthetics of the computer have also been revamped and it now has a new upper shell, with colored inserts that modernize it and give it a more modern look.

    The strap is also new, with stretch inserts to absorb squeezing of the suit when diving deep.

    But it is the software of this computer that has undergone the biggest changes.

    First of all, the saturation compartments have been increased from 9 to 12, for even more precise monitoring of the compartment saturation and de-saturation mechanisms.

    And the possibility of using a second Nitrox mix during the same dive has also been introduced. This assists and faithfully monitors even those divers who choose to entrust the de-saturation of their organism to even higher oxygen-rich mixes, a practice that gives added safety to the dive and that more and more enthusiasts are following.

    The first mix can contain a percentage of oxygen ranging from 21% (air) to 50%, the second between 21% and 99% (pure oxygen). The fraction of oxygen of both mixes is set on the surface but the use of the two different mixes can be selected at any time during the dive.

    Obviously the partial pressure of both mixes can also be selected in a wide range of between 1.0 and 1.6 bar.

    Other new functions include the maximum depth indicator, now also visible during decompression, the choice of three different Safety Factor levels - the ascent speed indicator (expanded), the temperature sensor (more rapid) and the display back lighting (lighter).

    Lastly, the brand new GAUGE function that can be used both for scuba diving and free diving, which selects only some of the functions of the instrument, like instant and maximum depth, duration of the dive (in minutes and seconds), time and ascent speed. The operative range in GAUGE function arrives at up to 200 meters.

    Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer Color(s):

    • Black

    Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer Dimensions:

    • Diameter: 62.3 mm

    Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer Specifications:

    • Weight: 0.5 lbs.
    • Bühlmann ZH-L8 algorithm, redesigned by Randy Bohrer to make it suitable for a more sophisticated RGBM program. The result is an algorithm that is very similar to the ZH-L16, but less penalizing regarding water temperature and repeated overshooting of the ascent speed
    • Compartments: 12 with saturation half times of between 5 and 640 minutes
    • Thickness: 24.7 mm
    • Salt water calibrated
    • Display range: 0 - 99.9 m (0-199.9 in Gauge function)
    • Accuracy: +/- 3% +0.5 m
    • Resolution: 0.1 m
    • Maximum surface time: 48 h
    • Altitude monitoring: every 10 min
    • Altitude range: from 0 to 6000 m
    • Thermometer with resolution of 0.1 °C
    • Accuracy: +/- 2°C
    • Display range: -5°C/ + 40°C
    • 3V CR 2032 battery at Li/MnO2, easy to find and low cost
    • Battery life: about 2 years with 50 dives per year
    • Battery replacement by user, without needing equipment
    • Back light display for 5 seconds (pushing a button)
    • Replaceable display protection screen
    • Can be used with air or Nitrox (choice of 2 different mixes in the same dive)
    • Adjustment of oxygen fraction from 21% to 50% with 1% increase for the first mix and from 21% to 99% for the second mix
    • Partial pressure adjustment of oxygen from 1.0 to 1.6 bar, with 0.1 bar increases for both mixes
    • Possibility of setting a personal safety factor that can be selected on 3 positions (0, 1, 2)
    • Possibility of setting an alarm for a certain depth
    • Bar graph for Nitrogen saturation
    • Bar graph for CNS oxygen toxicity
    • Ascent speed indicator at 4 levels + SLOW + audio alarm when maximum speed is exceeded. There are 3 maximum ascent speeds that decrease progressively as the diver approaches the surface: 16 m/min up to 18 m, 12 m/min from 18 to 6 m, 8 m/min from 6 m to the surface
    • Audio and visual alarms for:
    • nearing NDT (no decompression time)
    • need for decompression stops
    • too high PO2 level
    • nearing limits of CNS O2 toxicity
    • too fast ascending speed
    • exceeding computer limits
    • not respecting decompression depth
    • exceeding depth set by user
    • Decompression stages provided for down to 30 m
    • 3’ safety stop at the end of every dive over 10 m deep (not compulsory)
    • Date and time incorporated
    • Gauge function (only present and maximum depth, dive time (minutes and seconds), ascent speed, time. Functioning to 199.9 m
    • Logbook of the last 30 hrs of a diving or the last 60 dives, with 3 data displays for each dive
    • Past memory of total number of dives, hours spent underwater and maximum depth reached
    • Profile of every dive (without interface)
    • Data transfer to PC (with optional interface)
    • Complete scrolling of NDL times down to 48 m
    • Simulator for air or Nitrox dives, for single or repetitive dives, complete with alarms and every other function, settable using independent buttons, both for descent and ascent
    • Possibility of general reset so computer can be used by a diving center
    • Possibility of changing from metric to imperial measuring units and vice versa

    Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer Style:

    • Wrist / Nitrox

    Cressi-Sub Archimede 2 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer Materials:

    • Rubber

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