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6 Inch Scooblite Glow Stick

6 Inch Scooblite Glow Stick

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    Manufacturer: Scooblite
    Model: 6 Inch Scooblite
    Product Code: LT0406

    Category: Dive Lights
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    6 Inch Scooblite Glow Stick

    6 Inch Scooblite Glow Stick Description:

    Traditional glow sticks that some divers use are both wasteful and, at times, unreliable. They have expiration dates, can break unknowingly before you get to use them, and fill up space in our landfills. The Scooblite is a glow stick that you can use forever. Better than the glow-in-the-dark on watch dials, the Scooblite charges from any light source and glows all night long. To use the Scooblite all you need to do is expose it to any light: flash light, LED, direct sunlight, ambient light, etc. The specialty environmentally friendly glow crystals absorb the maximum amount of light, store it, and emit it when taken into the dark. Imagine your watch dials SUPERCHARGED!!!

    For those of you using a light that requires batteries, bulbs, "O" rings, etc.; you understand the hassels of worrying about: broken bulbs, battery life, water tight, etc. So quit worrying about that stuff and start thinking what you'll do with the money you save on replacement parts, batteries, and bulbs.

    The Scooblite is a new twist on the traditional glow stick as it never requires batteries and is made from rare earth minerals. It is reusable, rechargeable, & reliable. Environmentally safe and can be used anywhere. Great for night diving. The Scooblite can be charged from any light source even artificial light. When charging, let absorb sunlight for 5 minutes. The Scooblite will glow intensely for a few min then will dim to a consistent light for an hour or more if fully charged. It will actually glow all night long at a lower intensity. At any time you can recharge your Scooblite with your flashlight even underwater. The brighter the light you are using to charge, the brighter and longer the glow.

    6 Inch Scooblite Glow Stick Key Features:

    • A Glow Stick You Never Throw Away!
    • Charges with ANY Light
    • Glows All Night Long
    • Safe for ANY Depth
    • No Batteries, No Bulbs, No Mechanical Parts
    • Glows ALL Night Long

    6 Inch Scooblite Glow Stick Specifications:

    • Weight: 0.1 lbs.
    • Length: 6 in.
    • What is it made from♠

    • The Scooblite is made from strontium aluminate, these glow crystals are suspended in a solid epoxy. Both strontium and aluminum are elements on the periodic table. Strontium is actually found in some toothpastes.
    • How long will it glow♠

    • The Scooblite will glow ALL night long ( +8hrs).
    • How long will it last♠

    • The Scooblite will glow FOREVER! It has no shelf life or half life. The Scooblite's ability to recharge will not decay over time either. So it will glow the same today as it will 50 years from now.
    • Is it safe for the environment♠

    • The Scooblite glow crystals are made from earth. The plastic tube is not biodegradable because then the product would not last forever...
    • Is it pressurized♠

    • The Scooblite is a solid tube therefore it can be taken beyond recreational diving depths (130ft) and can be used at even sword fishing depths of 700ft.
    • Is it sensitive to temperatures♠

    • The Scooblite's glow crystals are not affected by extreme temperatures! Although the plastic tube that contains the glow crystals will melt past 150F, but at that temperature you would melt too!
    • How long does it take to charge♠

    • The time it takes to charge the Scooblite depends on the light source used to charge it. Direct sunlight and high lumen flash lights charges it within seconds. The general rule of thumb is "if it's bright enought to see, it's charging." So ambient light & cloudy days still charge the Scooblite but it takes a little longer.
    • How many lumen does it produce♠

    • The Scooblite, like all glow-in-the-dark products, does not have a definitive lumen number because it depends on the light source that charged it and how long it has been in the dark. For example: an 800 lumen LED flashlight would make a Scooblite's lumen count higher than if it was charged with an 80 lumen flashlight.

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