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Glo-Toob Marker Lights

Glo-Toob Marker Lights

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    Manufacturer: Innovative Scuba Concepts
    Product Code: LT051X

    Category: Dive Lights
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    Glo-Toob Marker Lights

    Glo-Toob Marker Lights Description:

    These remarkable, solid Cylinders of Light utilize Super High Bright LEDs for their light source, measure approximately 2-3/4 high by 3 diameter and are waterproof rated to 3500 meters. They come in 5 different colors (Clear, Amber, Blue, Green and Red) and are available in constant-on models. Battery is included. Battery life for the constant on models is approximately 30 hours. All models are powered by a single, commonly available 12V (23A) Alkaline battery.

    Glo-Toob Marker Lights Key Features:

    • Super High Bright LEDs.
    • Measure approximately 2-3/4” high.
    • Waterproof rated to 3500 meters.
    • 5 different colors. (Clear, Amber, Blue, Green and Red)
    • Battery life is approximately 30 hours.
    • 12V (23A) Battery included.

    Glo-Toob Marker Lights Style:

    • LED

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