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Micronet MicroTerry Towel - Large

Micronet MicroTerry Towel - Large

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    MicroNet™ towels are The Official Travel Towel of the Adventure Travel Society! -Joe

    Micronet MicroTerry Towel - Large

    Micronet MicroTerry Towel - Large Description:

    MicroTerry Advanced Microfiber Towels are a specially engineered, high density knit terry fabric that is highly compactable and super absorbent with absolutely unique water absorption and cleaning properties. Ultra-fine microfiber is made even more absorbent by the addition of terry weave.

    Micronet MicroTerry Towel - Large Key Features:

    • MicroTerry towels dry quickly and 90% of the water is removed with hand wringing
    • Handy carrying bag has a snap closure
    • Incredibly small packed size for a terry towel
    • Microfiber terry weave towel dries faster and holds more water than regular towels
    • No special laundering required
    • Super Soft With Maximum Absorption
    • Contain no silicone or other chemical treatments so softness and water absorption properties cannot be washed out.
    • 30" x 50" (77cm x 128cm)

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