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Genesis Coronado Scuba Fin

Genesis Coronado Scuba Fin

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    Manufacturer: Genesis
    Model: Coronado
    Product Code: PF62

    Category: Open Heel Fins
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    Genesis Coronado Scuba Fin

    Genesis Coronado Scuba Fin Description:

    Genesis introduces the Coronado Open Heel Fin. This Lightweight and Durable Bladed Fin with an Optimized Blade Length to Width is ideal for use with Full Scuba. The Coronado has Fully-Adjustable, Reliable and Convenient Squeeze-Style Quick-Release-Buckles on the Fins Straps. The Buckles are Impact and Corrosion Resistant in Design and the Durable Rubber Straps have a Large Pull-Grip-Tab for easy Donning and Doffing.

    The Fin has a Flex-Limit feature that allows the Blade to be Easily-Shaped during the Kick to Correct Position to Generate and Optimize Thrust. The Open Heel Design on this Non-Vented Fin is intended to be worn with Dive Boots.

    Genesis Coronado Scuba Fin Key Features:

    • Squeeze-Style Quick-Release Buckles
    • Open heel design for use with dive boots
    • Lightweight durable blade - optimized length to width for scuba application
    • Quick release buckle and adjustable strap
    • Flex limit feature allows blade to be easily shaped during kick for correct position to generate thrust

    Genesis Coronado Scuba Fin Style:

    • Open Heel

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