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Scuba Gear Package - JoeDiver's TUSA Regulator, Octopus, BC and Gauges

Scuba Gear Package - JoeDiver's TUSA Regulator, Octopus, BC and Gauges

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    Scuba Gear Package - JoeDiver's TUSA Regulator, Octopus, BC and Gauges

    Scuba Gear Package - JoeDiver's TUSA Regulator, Octopus, BC and Gauges Description:

    Joe introduces a complete and affordable name brandTUSA package that's full of value and ready to ship!

    TUSA RS-110 Balanced Piston Regulator

    The RS-110 regulator combines a balanced piston method while reducing the total weight of the first stage and second stage of just 940 grams. There are also less parts for easier maintenance.

    Balanced Piston type first stage

    The very popular balanced piston type first stage offers superior reliability for stable air supply regardless of depth or residual pressure. Maintenance is also a cinch. The first stage offers an extremely high limit value even for maximum operation values. There are two H.P. ports andfour L.P. ports The RS-110 first stage features a unique patented inline layout to achieve a light weight of just 620 grams during actual use, not to mention its compact size.


    • Light weight 620g (21.9 oz / 1.37 lbs) inline blanced piston first stage.
    • Two H.P. ports and four L.P. ports


    • Light weight second stage.

    • Color: Black


    33 inch long hose. Visible yellow body and hose.

    Lighter and smaller, the SS-10 combines a large discharge valve with a deflection tube and deflector to reduce exhaust resistance. The L.P. hose is yellow like the main unit to improve visibility.

    Color: Yellow.


    The BC jacket has been praised for its excellent tank hold and other functions which help to maintain balance underwater. It has been further developed for a new model with an Independent Harness System in addition to the Ultimate Stabilizing Harness which fixes the tank onto two support rails. In the water or on land, this system provides unsurpassed tank hold in any position.

    The BCJ-3800 is a BC Jacket designed to create absolute tank stability. In addition to the Ultimate Stabilizing Harness which prevents the tank moving around thanks to the dual rails, it also employs and Independent harness System. The Tanks Suspension System has been improved to allow the diver to adjust the tank to the preferred tension after putting it on. This level of stability was impossible with previous BC Jacket. Also, in addition to TUSA's own O.P.E.V. system, two dump valves has been added to allow a rapid pressure exhaust in any position. The weight system with its quick-release function, provides comfort and outstanding weight balance.

    Independent Harness System [PAT.]

    The Ultimate Stabilizing Harness makes possible extremely accurate fitting and the two separate rails prevent tank-roll. The BCJ-3800 has improved on this feature even further, by employing an independent Harness System which separates the main bladder unit and the harness system. Since the shoulder strap attaches directly to the harness, tank movement is completely eliminated, both on land and underwater. The harness padded soft cover is made from non float and non water absorbent material, so that, it does not effect buoyancy control.

    Weight Loading System

    The construction allows the diver to insert weights into the weight-cartridges as well as into the Loading pockets on the front of the jacket. With the weight thus distributed to the shoulders as well, there is no weighed-down feeling traditionally associated with weight belts. Eight pounds(maximum: 13 lbs) of weight can be placed in each of the left and right side of the jacket can each hold up to two pounds(maximum: 4 lbs) of additional weight. (Total recommended weight: 22 lbs maximum: 35 lbs.) In emergency situations, cartridges can be released with the pull of a knob.

    Waist Support System [PAT. P.]

    The bottom of the shoulder straps can be attached in either of two positions which are appropriate to the conditions of use and the body type of the diver, thus improving the fit.

    Tank Suspension System (T.S.S.) [PAT. P.]

    The TUSA BCJ-3800 is equipped with a new innovative Tank Suspension System. The T.S.S. system holds the tank more securely and tightly against your back to reduce tank movement. The belt is placed on the valve section on the top of the tank and pulled tight to fasten the tanks on the body. It includes a tank hold unit that lets you tighten and retain the tanks in the ideal position.

    Dump Valves

    In addition to TUSA's own O.P.E.V. system, the two dump valves at the shoulders and one at the lower back allow a rapid pressure exhaust from any position.


    • Xsmall23 lbs (=10.5kgf,=103N)
    • Small27 lbs (=12.3kgf,=122N)
    • Medium34 lbs (=15.5kgf,=152N)
    • Large38 lbs (=17.3kgf,=171N)
    • Xlarge42 lbs (=19.1kgf,=188N)

    Pressure & Depth Gauge

    Compact 2 gauge analog console includes a depth gauge. Luminescent face is easy to read in dark or low visibility conditions.

    When you are down 100 feet, you have to rely on your instruments. That is why you should count on TUSA. TUSAinstruments are precision engineered to the highest standards, delivering quality that is second to none. This translates into added peace of mind for you.

    Color: BLACK

    So take the plunge with TUSA and Joe Diver. Enjoy name brand, comfortable gearat the right price. That's why you're here anyway isn't it♠

    Retail: $1052.00

    All Tusa regulators are Nitrox compatible to 40%.

    Full JoeDiverAmerica and Manfacturers' Warranty on the entire package

    Choose the upgrade option to upgrade to TUSA'S top of the line balanced diaphram regulator (RS-240) incorporating all of the features of our RS-230 plus swivel joint between 2nd stage and hose to minimize pull and maximize comfort.

    And Don't forget JoeDiver's Exclusive NO CHARGEASSEMBLY. Why spend an hour or 2 trying toassemble all this gear when Joe can do it foryou♠ And your local store won't charge youupwards of $55 either! No other mail ordercompany will offer you this, but the copycats will soon follow. Follow. Just type ASSEMBLE above!

    You'll be wet in no time now!

    Scuba Gear Package - JoeDiver's TUSA Regulator, Octopus, BC and Gauges Color(s):

    • Black

    Scuba Gear Package - JoeDiver's TUSA Regulator, Octopus, BC and Gauges Style:

    • Scuba Package

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