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Dive Slate-Erasable MINI-QUEST

Dive Slate-Erasable MINI-QUEST

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    Manufacturer: Innovative Scuba Concepts
    Product Code: QT-2112

    Category: BCD Accessories
    MSRP Price: $44.85
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    Dive Slate-Erasable MINI-QUEST

    Dive Slate-Erasable MINI-QUEST Description:

    Underwater communication has been revolutionized!

    The MINI-QUEST Underwater Erasable Slate is easy to use.Write on the patented magnetic screen, erase, writeagain! Message after message and real communicationoccurs.

    The magnetic screen is easily erased with the push ofa thumb. A removable double-sided conventional slateon the back allows for permanent record of importantinformation.

    30\\\\\\% smaller than the full-sized Quest, palm-sized, and stows easily.

    Tough, built-in rotating cover protects the Mini Quest,rotates 360 degrees and snaps securely to back or front.

    Color: Blue

    Dive Slate-Erasable MINI-QUEST Specifications:

    • Weight: 0.75 lbs.

    Dive Slate-Erasable MINI-QUEST Style:

    • Erasable

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