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Tusa Elite Series Snorkel Set

Tusa Elite Series Snorkel Set

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    Manufacturer: Tusa
    Product Code: RC-2546

    Category: Mask Snorkel Sets
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    Tusa Elite Series Snorkel Set

    Tusa Elite Series Snorkel Set Description:

    The Elite Series RC-2546 mask and snorkel set is a great choice for the vacation- bound snorkeler or a watersports enthusiast looking for quality equipment to jump into the water. The RC-2546 is a good match with Tusa's RF-20 or RF-14 fins. The Elite Series line offers todays most advanced snorkeling designs and materials to ensure superior fit while also providing top performance.

    Tusa Elite Series Snorkel Set Features Detailed:


    • Silicone double feather-edged skirt for added comfort
    • Wide field of vision with tear drop shaped lenses
    • Two window low volume design for a snug fit and easy clearing
    • Fits Medium to Large faces


    • Hyperdry system helps to keep the snorkel clear
    • Pre-angled mouthpiece is ortho-consciously designed for a natural fit
    • Large capacity drain chamber and oval purge valve with internal purge channel
    • Flexible neck for reduced jaw fatigue and comfort
    • Colors: Black, Blue, Yellow

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