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Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator

Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator

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    Manufacturer: Tusa
    Product Code: RS-670

    Category: Tusa Regulators
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    Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator

    Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator Description:

    The RS-670 is TUSA's latest regulator that delivers superior performance and quality in a compact lightweight travel-friendly system. Improving upon the success of the R-500 series released in 2008, the R-600 mated with a newly developed S-70 second stage further pushes the engineering and performance envelope.

    The newly designled ultra-compact balanced diaphragm R-600 first stage is incredibly small and weighs only 630g. The R-600 is configured with 2 HP and 4 LP ports allowing for versatile hose placement. The R-600 is also available in a DIN version.

    Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator Features:

    New Ortho-consciously designed mouthpieceThe new mouthpiece further enhances the comfort of bite, fit, and stability. Even with a light bite, a high level of stability is achieved so there is no fatigue from long periods of usage.

    Breathing resistance adjustment knobWith the S-70 you simply rotate the flow adjustment knob on the side with its ideal click feeling for free control of the air supply volume according to your needs. The multiple thread screws permit speedy and fine adjustment from which you can appropriately sense resistance to exhaled air to a condition in which you feel almost no resistance.

    Universal Swivel HoseFor optimum performance and comfort, a swivel hose is fitted between the S-70 second stage and the R-600 first stage. The swivel joint allows flexibility of the hose to eliminate hose tension at the mouthpiece for a more natural and comfortable bite.

    Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator Features Detailed:

    First stage (R-600)

    • Lightweight 630g balanced diaphragm first stage
    • 2 HP and 4 LP ports
    • Available in DIN version (RS-670 DIN)
    • Environmental Kit available
    • Eligible for TUSA CARE Free Parts for Life Program

    Second stage (S-70)

    • New ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece
    • Breathing resistance adjustment knob
    • Universal swivel hose for maximum comfort
    • Chrome trim ring and stainless face plate
    • Eligible for TUSA CARE Free Parts for Life Program

    Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator Color(s):

    • Silver / Black

    Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator Specifications:

    • Weight: 2.8 lbs.

    Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator Style:

    • Balanced Diaphragm

    Tusa RS-670 Scuba Regulator Materials:

    • Nylon Reinforced Composite

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