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Tusa Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console

Tusa Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console

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    Manufacturer: Tusa
    Product Code: SCA-280E-BK

    Category: Analog Metric Gauges
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    Tusa Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console

    Tusa Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console Description:

    New for 2012 is TUSA's 2 Gauge Analog Console. The rugged easy to read pressure gauge has color coded pressure readout for added safety. The gauge measures pressure from 0 to 400 bars. The 0 to 50 bar section is colored in bright red to denote reserve air, the 100 to 400 bar section is color coded in blue. Pressure gauge is also equipped with a thermometer measuring temperature from 0 to 40 degrees Centigrade. The gauge is incased in an impact resistant boot with an eyelet for attachment of a lanyard or clip. HP hose is 7/16" threaded.

    The Depth Gauge measures depth from 0 to 60 meters and is also color coded for safety, with a blue color from 0 to 20 meters and red from 30 to 60 meters. The 3 meter depth is also color coded in red for minimum safety stop depth. Gauge is equipped with a maximum depth indicator that will follow the depth needle to the greatest depth reached on the dive and then will remain there to indicate your maximum depth.

    TUSA is the first company in the world to incorporate Lumi-Nova light storage dials. This groundbreaking innovation offers several times the brightness of conventional dials, as well as longer luminescence times. The entire face glows bright enough to make it ideal for night diving or diving in dark areas but contains no radioactive materials. Gauges come with a 12 month limited warranty.

    Tusa Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console Key Features:

    • Rugged Easy to Read Pressure Gauge
    • Color Coded Pressure Readout for Added Safety
    • Measures Pressure from 0 to 400 bars
    • Thermometer Measures Temperature from 0 to 40 Degrees Centigrade
    • Impact Resistant Boot
    • Lumi-Nova Light Storage Dial "Glows in the Dark"
    • Eyelet for Attachment of Lanyard or Clip
    • 7/16" Threaded Hose
    • Depth Gauge:
    • 60 Meter Depth Gauge
    • Strategic Color Coded for Safety
    • Max. Depth Indicator
    • High Visibility Graphics
    • Luminescent Dial
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty

    Tusa Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console Color(s):

    • Black

    Tusa Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console Specifications:

    • Weight: 1.3 lbs.
    • Pressure Gauge:
    • Readout 0 to 400 bars
    • Fluorescent Dial - Yes
    • Attachment Point - Yes
    • Threads 7/16"
    • Depth Gauge:
    • Max Depth Indicator - Yes

    Tusa Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console Style:

    • Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console

    Tusa Metric 2 Gauge Analog Console Materials:

    • Nylon Reinforced Composite

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