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Tusa Element 2 Gauge Console

Tusa Element 2 Gauge Console

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    Manufacturer: Tusa
    Model: SCA-281
    Product Code: SCA-281-BK

    Category: 2 Gauge Consoles
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    Tusa Element 2 Gauge Console

    Tusa Element 2 Gauge Console

    Tusa Element 2 Gauge Console Description:

    The SCA-281 two gauge Element console is newly redesigned and features theIQ-650 Elementdive computer and a 5000psi/400bar (4350psi/300bar max) pressure gauge in a low-profile design. The computer console is a full-featured, user-friendly instrument with an innovative interface designed exclusively for divers.

    The pressure gauge and compass feature the luminscent light storage dials that are highly legible in dark or low visibility conditions. The entire face glows bright enough to make it ideal for night diving or diving in dark areas but contains no radioactive materials.

    The Element is an easy-to-use, single button, puck-style computer offering a myriad of dive data details plus some new features including a Deep Stop function all in an affordable package.

    Deep Stop Function
    Several TUSA computers feature a deep stop function for additional safety. The deep stop mode is activated when a dive exceeds 80 FT (24M) for more than 1 second. Upon ascent, the computer will display a Deep Safety Stop screen and the recommended stop depth for a period of 2 minutes. This deep stop is highly recommended as additional opportunity to off-gas, but is not mandatory. If the diver chooses not to serve the stop it will not adversely affect the remaining No-Decompression Limits of the dive.

    Tusa Element 2 Gauge Console Key Features:

    • IQ-650 Element computer module
    • 5000psi/400bar (4350psi/300bar max) pressure gauge
    • Air and Nitrox (21-50%) Operating Modes
    • Manual or Water-Activation
    • Deep Stop Feature and standard Safety Stop
    • Automatic altitude adjustment from sea level to 14,000'
    • No fly icon, residual nitrogen discharge time display
    • Dive Log stores a maximum of 12 dives

    Tusa Element 2 Gauge Console Color(s):

    • Black

    Tusa Element 2 Gauge Console Specifications:

    • User-replaceable battery with hot-swap (Battery: CR2450, 3V)
    • TUSA Algorithm based on Buhlmann ZHL-16c
    • Variable Ascent Rate Indicator
    • Rental unit reset option

    Tusa Element 2 Gauge Console Style:

    • 2 Gauge Console

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