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Anti-Fog and Mask Precleaner Package

Anti-Fog and Mask Precleaner Package

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    This is a great deal and a Savings of $5.00 -Joe

    Anti-Fog and Mask Precleaner Package

    Anti-Fog and Mask Precleaner Package Description:

    Sea Drops™ Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner for Dive Masks
    NEW IMPROVED FORMULA! Safe for all glass and plastic lenses-will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames. Sea Drops are designed for maximum dive mask defogging and quick, easy, in-field application. Also excellent for ski goggles, eye glasses, face masks, binoculars and telescopes. Not recommended for swim goggles.

    Anti-Fog and Mask Precleaner Package Features:

    Sea Buff Dive Mask Precleaner Features:

    Specially formulated dive mask precleaner and slate cleaner. Sea Buff™ carefully removes residue left on new dive mask lenses by the manufacturing process and prepares the surface for the first application of Sea Drops™ or Sea Gold™ anti-fog formulas. Sea Buff™ also removes other residue accumulated on masks while diving or during storage. Sea Buff™ is ideal for cleaning slates without harming or scratching. 1.25 oz bottle.

    Anti-Fog and Mask Precleaner Package Upgrades Available:

    Make It Gold!

    • Upgrade from Sea Drops to Sea Gold Anti-Fog
    • (add $2)
    • Savings of $2.00

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