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Genesis Predator Scuba Mask

Genesis Predator Scuba Mask

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    Manufacturer: Genesis
    Product Code: SM9200

    Category: Scuba Masks
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    Black Silicone

    Genesis Predator Scuba Mask

    Genesis Predator Scuba Mask Description:

    The Predator is a unique co-molded framed mask designed for superior panoramic vision that expands your downward view.

    This mask has easily adjustable ratcheting swivel buckles.

    The silicone surrounding the frame has a double feather edged skirt for a superior comfortable fit.

    Genesis Predator Scuba Mask Key Features:

    • Easily adjustable ratcheting swivel buckles.
    • Crystal silicone double feather-edged skirt.
    • Expanded, downward view.
    • Unique co-molded frame design for superior panoramic vision.

    Genesis Predator Scuba Mask Style:

    • Twin Teardrop Lenses / Low Volume

    Genesis Predator Scuba Mask Materials:

    • Silicone
    • Tempered Glass

    Genesis Predator Scuba Mask

    Genesis, as a company, owes its existence to a few experienced, knowledgeable individuals who desired to produce diving products focused on what divers want and need. Although Genesis is a relatively new company, founded in 1996, its products reflect the experience of its founders and staff that have been diving with, observing, and listening to recreational and professional divers for more than 25 years.

    Successful product development requires a true understanding of the needs of the user, and access to the technology to satisfy those needs. The staff at Genesis has applied its experience to accurately identify what was needed, and then to delivering it by collaborating with the best technological resources in the world to offer superb products that appeal to a range of divers from the beginner to the professional.

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