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TUSA Hyperdry Snorkel - Snorkel Gear

TUSA Hyperdry Snorkel - Snorkel Gear

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    Manufacturer: Tusa
    Product Code: SP-130

    Category: Dry Snorkels
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    The sensation of residual water (gurgling) while snorkeling is eliminated. This revolutionary snorkel uses a new mouthpiece, designed with the aid of ergonomic engineering. -Joe

    TUSA Hyperdry Snorkel - Snorkel Gear

    TUSA Hyperdry Snorkel - Snorkel Gear Description:

    Hyperdry System

    Nothing is more frustrating than getting a mouthful of saltwater when you're snorkeling. TUSA is out to change all that. The Hyperdry system reflects the very latest technological advancements and the net result is that you get the driest air delivery available today.

    The ultimate in oval design to reduce water resistance.

    The oval design, a unique feature of TUSA snorkels, has now been further improved in the pipe. It provides direction to water blown upward to insure a clear snorkel at all times while minimizing water resistance during snorkeling. The pipe interior, with its bellows section, has a new flush surface to further smooth the airflow.

    New purge channel (PAT.P.)

    Since the purge valve is at an angle to the body, after clearing the snorkel, even if water remains in the chamber it will not affect the flow of air in the pipe (away from the mouth). Therefore, there is no gurgling of water caused by breathing, and water does not return to the mouth. Also, air bubbles that come from the valve pass by the side of the face without obstructing the field of view.

    New mouthpiece

    The new mouthpiece, developed on the basis of ergonomic engineering, further enhances the comfort of bite, fit and stability. Even with a light bite, a high level of stability is achieved, so there is no fatigue from long periods of usage.

    New two-sectional swivel adapter (PAT.P) enhances comfort & performance

    The SP-130 features a newly developed snorkel adapter thatintegrates a swivel mechanism to the pipe clip and strap attachment (see photo).The new adapter includes the following two features:

    • 1. This mechanism allows the snorkel to swivel to the optimum angle to reduce tensionand stress for enhanced comfort and performance as compared to earlier models
    • 2. Adjustments are made by sliding the adapter's position forward or back --a forward orrearward position may be selected (see photo). For example, depending on the size of the head, if the adapter is too close to the mouth, the corrugated tube may become excessively bent reducing airflow. By sliding the new adapter backward, stress on the corrugated tube is eliminated and the bite on the mouthpiece becomes more natural. Also the top of the pipe which extends above the surfaceof the water is placed in an optimal position. In addition, by sliding the pipe clip forward and off the strap attachment, the snorkel can be easily detachedfrom the mask.

    Colors: Aquamarine, Black, CobaltBlue, Clear, and Shark Silver

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