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Tusa Hyperdry MAX Snorkel

Tusa Hyperdry MAX Snorkel

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    Manufacturer: TUSA
    Product Code: SP200

    Category: Dry Snorkels
    MSRP Price: $55.00
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    Sale Price:$49.99

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    Product Code: SP200
    Tusa Hyperdry MAX Snorkel

    Tusa Hyperdry MAX Snorkel Additional Pictures:

    Tusa Hyperdry MAX Snorkel Description:

    The SP-200 Hyperdry MAX is TUSA's all new revolutionary dry snorkel. The Hyperdry MAX incorporates several features including the Hyperdry MAX Dry Top System (pat p.) with two independent high buoyancy floats for superior dry snorkeling performance, high flow angled purge valve, 3-D large bore pipe and TUSA's patented detachable swivel adapter making the SP-200 the dry snorkel for the water!

    Tusa Hyperdry MAX Snorkel Key Features:

    • New Hyperdry MAX dry top technology (pat p.) with 2 independent high buoyancy floats for superior dry top performance
    • High flow and angled purge valve for quick clearing and to allow air bubbles to pass by the face when purged
    • Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for ultimate comfort
    • Crystal silicone flexible neck
    • Detachable two-section swivel adapter for free movement
    • Three-dimensional pipe curve for the ideal angle for snorkeling
    • Colors: Aquamarine, Black, Cobalt Blue, Flash Yellow, Translucent, Pearlescent Pink
    • Available in black silicone as SP-200QB: Black, Black Red, Metallic Red, Metallic Silver

    Tusa Hyperdry MAX Snorkel Style:

    • Dry

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