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Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN

Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN

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    Manufacturer: Sherwood
    Product Code: SRB1000-DIN

    Category: DIN Regulators
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    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN Description:

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN
    This is a DIN system regulator.

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator Description:

    SR1 high performance regulator is NOW AVAILABLE. With superior breathing performance of less than 0.5 joules/liter, W.O.B. at 165 fsw, 62.5 RMV, the SR1 is the most technologically advanced regulator Sherwood Scuba has produced in its storied 50 year history.

    The SR1 utilizes a pneumatically balanced second stage, with a two-piece flow-through first stage piston for precise optimum balance and intermediate pressure control. The first stage is environmentally sealed featuring a dry-sealed spring chamber, two high pressure ports, five low pressure ports on a 360 degree swivel and is compatible with a yoke or DIN attachment. The second stage contains a SMART demand lever and floating crown which reacts to depressurization and relieves the load on the seat, extending seat life while promoting consistent performance.

    Importantly, the second stage employs a unique single adjustment point to simultaneously set opening effort and high flow performance with one motion--the need to make separate adjustments has therefore been eliminated. The size of the SR1 control knob has also been optimized to enable easy location and operation, even for a diver wearing gloves.

    The SR1 packs its advanced technology into a compact case which employs contemporary styling and utilizes a multitude of cutting edge materials.

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator Scuba Lab Review:

    The new SR1 from Sherwood Scuba was the standout regulator of this review, offering innovative design, clever features and outstanding breathing performance. The first stage is polished chrome over brass with five low-pressure ports on a turret and two high-pressure ports. It’s a balanced piston design, but with a unique air-filled dry-sealed spring chamber that is completely environmentally sealed. The pneumatically balanced second stage features a single control knob that simultaneously adjusts both the venturi control and breathing resistance. And between dives, a SMART demand lever lightens the load on the valve seat for extended life and performance. Bonus: The second stage also comes with an external fitting for adjusting lever height, making life easier for your technician.

    Underwater, the SR1 delivers dry and effortless breathing in all positions, thanks in part to an oversized exhaust valve, which reduces exhalation resistance. This design helps reduce overall work of breathing, and yielded Excellent ANSTI machine scores in all tests. In fact, the SR1 was one of only four regs to earn perfect simulator scores. The flexible front-cover purge provides a forceful clearing action, and the low-profile exhaust tee does a good job of delecting bubbles, both when stationary and when moving forward in the water.

    The SR1 is a solid breather, combining proven regulator design with cutting-edge features for excellent performance.

    2 pounds, 5 ounces.

    -- Scuba Diving Magazine's 2008 Scuba Lab Review

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator Details:

    • Sherwood’s unique, high performance dry first stage.
    • Adjustable inhalation sensitivity.
    • Two primary-flow ports that boost outlet pressure to the second stage for easier breathing.
    • Five low-pressure ports for multiple set-ups of regulator connections and ancillary devices.
    • Underarm hose to reduce underwater profile and minimize snagging.
    • Sherwood’s patented, adjustable moisture-retention fins reduce dry mouth and allow you to direct air flow and optimize breathing characteristics to match any dive conditions.

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN Sizes:

    • 2 Pounds 5 Ounces

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN Color(s):

    • Silver / Black

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN Specifications:

    • Weight: 3.2 lbs.

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN Style:

    • DIN / Balanced Piston / Enviro Kit

    Sherwood SR1 Scuba Diving Regulator - DIN Materials:

    • Nylon Reinforced Composite

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